Evaluation and Assessment Methods

R.7.1 The candidate needs to submit Half Yearly Progress Report twice a year from the second year onwards, or after one term of successful completion of course work which should also include the progress against the work-plan submitted. The university may take suitable action if the work is not found satisfactory, including recommendation for cancellation of registration
R.7.2 Upon successful completion of the course work which shall form an integral part of the Ph. D. Programme, and upon completion of research work to the satisfaction of the Supervisor, the full time Ph. D. scholar shall draft a copy of the thesis, not before two years (24 months) of the registration. However, part-time the Ph.D. scholars will have to spend one more term (30 months) in addition to those mentioned above.
R.7.3 A Ph.D. scholar will be registered for four years . This may be extended by one year on the recommendation of the Supervisor and duly permitted an extension by the Dean P.G. Studies.Further, on the completion of 5 Years the Dean, Faculty can grant extension of one year to scholar if he/she find the reasons for non - completion are appropriate or research work is of such nature that it requires extension. The President in any special circumstances is authorized to grant an extension up to 1 more year for submitting the Ph.D. thesis. In case he/she fails to submit the final thesis within this period, he/she will have to get re-registered. For re-registration, immediately on expiry of first/extended registration as the case may be, the fees applicable for fresh students shall be paid, but the student shall be exempted from taking the course work. Whereas for re-registration after a gap of one or more years after the first/extended first registration, the fees and rules applicable to a fresh applicant shall be followed, including course work, submission of synopsis, thesis, etc.
R.7.4 In case a student fails to submit the thesis or re-register within the stipulated time, the admission automatically stands cancelled. The concerned Dean Faculty shall intimate the Dean P.G. Studies the list of all such students.
R.7.5 The Ph. D. student need to publish from his/her thesis a minimum of two research paper in peer reviewed/refereed journal with ISSN of national/ international repute OR have at least four full research papers published in refereed/peer-reviewed proceedings of International Conferences, and produce evidence for the same in the form of acceptance letter and registration receipt of the publication before the submission of the final drafted thesis for the award of Ph.D. degree.
R.7.5 (A) Prior to Submission of the Thesis, the student shall make a pre-Ph.D. presentation in the faculty that may be open to all faculty members and research students, for getting feedback and comments which may be suitably incorporated into the draft thesis under the advice of the Supervisor.
R.7.6 The Ph. D. student need to submit four copies of drafted thesis to the University along with four soft copies of thesis through proper channel and it shall be evaluated by at least two external experts, out of which at least one shall be from outside the State. It shall be up to the University to have one examiner from outside the country
R.7.7 The supervisor should submit a panel of six examiners to the Dean P.G. Studies for the evaluation of the thesis. The Dean P.G. Studies shall recommend it to the President of the University for the Appointment of two experts out of the panel of examiners submitted by the Supervisor.
R.7.8 The panel of examiners submitted by the supervisor for evaluation of the thesis shall be of Professor or Associate Professor or Equivalent from any recognized university. However, priority shall be given to the Professor while submitting the panel of examiner.
R.7.9 A panel of examiner submitted by the supervisor for evaluation of the thesis shall be strictly from external university.
R.7.10 The appointed examiner shall not be of the first blood relation of the candidate.
R.7.11 The examiners shall examine the thesis and submit their reports independently within 3 months of the receipt of the same by them.
R.7.12 On receipt of satisfactory evaluation reports, the Ph.D. student shall undergo a formal presentation and viva - voce examination by at least one of the external examiners and the Supervisor, which shall be open to the teachers and research scholars from the university faculty as observers. Open discussions may be encouraged after completion of the formal viva – voce by the examiner.
R.7.13 If the performance of the candidate at viva –voce examination is not satisfactory, he/she may be permitted to re-appear for the viva – voce examination within six months on payment of prescribed fees of Rs. 8,000/-. If an examiner offers specific comments which need change or modification in the text, it should be done before the second viva – voce is held
R.7.14 In case of divergence of opinion among the two Experts, the report of the Examiner will be circulated to one another with a view to bring unanimity. If unanimity is not achieve, the thesis will be referred to a third Examiner and the decision of the majority of the three external examiners shall be final

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