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Career Introduction: Master in Tourism and Hotel Management:

Tourism is seeing massive worldwide expansion every year and is expected to continue for the foreseeable future; it is unquestionably a future sector. Because tourism is critical to the prosperity of many countries, more and more skilled individuals are required all around the world. There are a few beneficial effects of tourist, for example: Tourism stimulates the economy, produces thousands of employment, improves the country's infrastructure, and fosters a sense of cultural interchange between outsiders and natives.

The tourism hospitality business is worth millions of dollars. It includes hotel, food services,leisure, entertainment, amusement, and the private sector. Fast growth, on-the-job training, and professional advancement prospects are strong reasons to explore a career in tourism and hotel management.

Job Prospects:

Tourism management is often regarded as a promising potential employment area since it provides a diverse range of job options in both the commercial and governmental sectors. There are several career opportunities in tourism and hotel management accessible in sectors such as travel agency management, tour package designer, tourist information centres, tour operations, Escorting, cruise management, transportations, events, and tourism management services. Travel and tourism also provides numerous job opportunities in government sectors such as airlines, government tourism departments, customs and immigration services, and a variety of other allied services in India. Each state government has its own tourism department corporation such as Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation, Delhi Travel and Tourism Development Corporation, and so on. Other government organizations involved in this business include the directorate of tourism and the commercial and government tourist corporations.

Candidates in the public sector can discover work prospects in the Department and Directorate of Tourism, and it appears that the industry is still in its early stages, thus a large number of new faces are needed.

Pacific Institute of Hotel Management provides a two-year Master of Tourism and Hotel Management programme for a promising future.


Career Pathway: Bachelors of Hotel Management:

In this Bachelor degree program in Hospitality Management you will all learn about basic business fundamentals and how they applied specifically to the Hospitality sector. Learn how to plan a budget, organize and optimize work flow and develops your skills as specialist. Upon Graduation students can use their skills successfully in many different elements of the hospitality and guest service world from hotels and restaurants to casinos, crusielines and event agencies. Students gain practical knowledge that helps them understand the different functions of hotel sector. A student trained in practical knowledge in highly valued among corporation and by employers as they knew the students can handle the important operations on the business front. Along with the Hotel Management qualifications students also go for certification courses & degree programs in addition to more qualification to their curriculum vitae.

Hospitality management is the most exciting part of the course. A management subject takes through the entire journey of strategies and development. Learning about effective ways to manage is a must to get a a solid start in the Hotel Industry. Whether it's from attending the guests to escorting them out in a certain crisis, all the responsibility bestows on the manager. This subject is both prestigious and the most important one. To learn all the basics of hotel management, Housekeeping sales and food service are some of the most important basics which students have to be master. These are the building blocks of students' from road to success. The Hotel Management course helps to learn about customer services and satisfaction and how to deal with them in the most composed manner.

Hotel management allows to turn your passion for culinary into a living. The hotel Industry is at boom for so many years and inspires lot to a youth generation in hospitality sector in various fields. Past years Covid had a drastic effect on the Hospitality and travel industry. Hotels, clubs, and restaurants have been shut down for months. So is hotel Management still a good career in hotel management choice in 2022. Hotel Management is a resilient industry. It bounces back and remains to be a lucrative career choice. We pacific institute of hotel management provides hotel management courses for students in Udaipur.

Job Prospect:

The job prospect are very appealing and lucrative there is always an option to switch to one particular job to another from being a manager to a chef or a guide to a customer relations. The scope is extensive and it's actually expanding with each passing year. It is the perfect chance for students to break from the clutter and make something of your own. To follow your passion and make a handsome living while doing the same once you get into the Hotel to a world of opportunities. All you need is the passion to serve others and improve continually.

Pacific Institute of Hotel Management offers various courses:-

Course Duration Eligibility
Trade Diploma in Hotel Management 1 Year 10+2 From any stream
Diploma in Hotel Management 2 Years 10+2 From any stream
B.Sc (Hotel Management ) 3 Years 10+2 From any stream
BHMCT 4 Years 10+2 From any stream
Master in Tourism & Hotel Management 2 Years Graduation in any stream
Diploma in Bakery & Confectionery 1 Year 10+2 From any stream
Three Month Certification Course in Food Production 3 Months 10+2 From any stream
Three Month Certification Course in Bakery & Confectionery 3 Months 10+2 From any stream
Three Month Certification Course in Bar &Mixology 3 Months 10+2 From any stream

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